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A Meeting of Minds in Milan

Every year, Aveda Artists hone their artistic skills with the help of exhilarating education events hosted globally by Aveda. Every Aveda Artist is hungry to perfect their craft so that they can bring the best techniques to their guests. And this weekend, October 10 -11, they will unite in Milan, Italy for one of our [...]

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Beautiful Color From Down Under

Congratulations are in order for the winners of our 2016 Colour Harmony Awards, which took place in Melbourne, Australia, this fall. Prizes were given in three categories: New Talent, Editorial, and Colour Harmony. From entries across the country, Aveda’s Global Artistic Team chose three finalists in each category and invited them to recreate their artistry [...]

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Way to Glow: Dual Exfoliation Peel

There’s no better feeling than being relaxed and pampered at a spa. And while Aveda spas have always been bastions of calm, providing soothing treatments that helped guests unwind and escape the negative effects of stress, times have changed. That floating-on-air feeling is no longer an acceptable end result. Today’s spa visitor wants to see and [...]

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#Hairgoals: How-to Get Touchable Hair

Hair that is touchable, shines and moves, is the epitome of healthy hair. And while we often think we can only have touchable, soft, silky hair when we step out of the salon, the truth is, with some minor changes to our routines, it’s attainable every day, says Ricardo Dinis, Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting. [...]

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How-To Find Balance in 4 Minutes

It’s amazing how much you can get accomplished in a very little time. So we asked our top influencers—who embody the spirit of Aveda—what they do while performing the Tulasāra™ Radiant Awakening Ritual (which takes a mere six minutes, from start to finish). For the uninitiated, here’s a bit more about the ritual. Part One: [...]

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The Newest (and Best) Wayto Cut Hair

You’ve probably grown accustomed to seeing stylists use techniques, such as blunt-cutting, thinning, and shaving hair at the salon. But be prepared to catch them “twist cutting” hair more this fall. “It’s actually a technique we used in the eighties when stylists were coming up with new ways to texturize hair,” says Ricardo Dinis, Aveda [...]

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Dare to Dream:Living Your Best Life

This past weekend Aveda Artists were inspired to dream big, follow their purpose and live their best lives. This was all thanks to the inspiring Dare to Dream event held in St. Petersburg, Florida, produced by Aveda distribution company The Salon People and designed specifically for the salon professional. Here we share highlights of this awe-inspiring [...]

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Essential Makeup Looks for Fall

There’s no need to fear this fall’s trends—they are neither exclusive nor intimidating. Among the highlights are radiant skin, red lips, and smoky eyes. Intrigued? Read on. “The hard thing with makeup trends is that they don’t always work for everyone,” says Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup. But this season’s looks are less [...]

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NYFW Hair How-to:Healthy Natural Waves

TOME designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin were feeling nostalgic for their past muses, from whom they’ve always drawn inspiration: Louise Bourgeois, Georgia O’Keefe, Shirin Neshat, and Madonna, to name a few. “The goal was simply to enhance each girl’s natural look,” says Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director. “Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair (available [...]

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NYFW How-to: The Couture Pony

“The central theme for Spring/Summer 2017 is elevating the ordinary,” says TIBI designer Amy Smilovic. “Each piece in the collection tells a story of detail and old world craftsmanship but in a way that is functional and relevant to our present day lives.” True to the theme, a classic low ponytail was given a modern [...]

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